What to Ponder Upon: Have you accomplished your goals?

Stop huffing and puffing around and pointing fingers at people when things go south on you. People aren’t reprehensible for your downfalls. They could ingratiate themselves to you just to pull you down, but they’re not culprits, they’re elucidating to you what life really is. When you’re engulfed by peoples’ deceitful actions and you felt plunged into disillusionment accompanied by gravitational forces, comrade, don’t succumb but rather avail yourself of the lessons you’re being taught and become wiser!


Tirelessly commit and devote your time, means and even your life to the process of processing these invaluable contributions into inspirations that will persistently push and land you into your dreamland. Lo! What a success to finally accomplish your dreams! Mate, you were systematically created into this ineffably beautiful and competent being full of potentials who can gather ideals and transform them into great things, thus making the world a greener place to wallow, bask and indulge in. Imagine making these impacts! Mate, you’ve the capability to give life to your imaginations.


Comrade! I wish I could use ‘’damn!’’ while telling you these words because I hate you for feeling stunt, and you’re not doing anything about it. I wish I could use it metaphorically, maybe euphemistically, but please understand that I wholeheartedly mean these words, certainly. Damn…! Right now you might be confined in your room, your room that feels tight even though it’s more than spacious, you might be cowering on that hideous corner reproaching Covid-19 as it’s approaching to no-one-know-where, you might be there spending all your time on social media reading the blatant lies of ‘’internet epidemic specialist” who are rather killing your spirit, but, hey, shun anything you think is wasting your time and work your tail off.


Stop procrastinating and act now!
Don’t just read, just act upon…
Act now, comrade, don’t gnaw.
Act upon what you dote on!
Do what you’re passionate about
By acting on what you dream about.
For what awaits is greatness
So buckle down to harness.
So long for your journey is so long!

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