The Paradox: I Had a Nightmare, which I Love

I woke up breathing heavily and sweating profusely as though I was strangled in my sleep. Thus I looked bewildered, gawking at the lamp overhead, the furniture and then at my poor roommate, who, to my dismay, was panic-stricken as if I were a ghost and nearly hollered. Suddenly, my adrenaline level rushed even higher; and I would have followed him if he had rushed out of the room. This was the atmosphere of disorientation I plummeted when I was scared to death by the nightmare.



I barely remember my dreams but didn’t forget a shred of this one. For this one is as otherworldly as it is dreary. I remember all of it as though it’s happening right now. It feels like a premonitory movie. It feels like a scene from all the horror movies I’d watched were acted in this dream. All the most spine-chilling parts that drift your mind into the realm of gloomy and doomy hallucinations.



In the dream, I saw maniacal wolves baring their teeth, growling and tending to attack me, but I didn’t budge. So, as I was staring at them in the eyes, which was a figment I presumed would send them a message that I wasn’t scared, I tried to devise a way of purging myself of that condition. At that spot, I couldn’t think straight, maybe I even forgot my name. I remember I had a gauntlet on my left hand and a Knightly sword in my right. These weapons were now a burden to me because it wasn’t chilly, but I was shivering; it wasn’t summer, yet sweltering.



I knew they were not hearing me, but I kept on soliloquizing, “Masanneh, please run… uh no, they’re faster than you. Please, God, please!!! Huh, ‘Allahim yaaa!’”. I knew it would be dumb if I wanted to square up to these evil-intentioned beasts. I ruminated on how to snap out of the situation, but to no avail. All hell was about to break loose as the wolves were getting more impatient and wilder and even drooling. So, I trusted my legs as my saviours and depended on them. I wish to enlighten you… but everything was so brief that I can’t remember the distance I ran. But I know even Usain Bolt would concede that I was a better sprinter. However, there was this gigantic, greedy wolf…



To be continued…


By: Masaneh Fatty, Economics and Finance, Istanbul Aydin University


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