The activism practiced by some Gambians

The activism practiced by some Gambians Is not the type I will want to be associated with.

I can’t support the kind of activism where people cannot differentiate between freedom of speech and cyberbullying

Activism where people are intolerant to other human beings

Activism where a perpetrator is paraded guilty on social media without even going to a court of law

Activism wherein the mental health of victims and perpetrators are at stake

The activism where people will criticize and bully anyone who doesn’t conform to their perception of things

Activism where people will undermine the freedom of associations of people

The activism that will not try to meet the physical health needs of the victims

Activism where victims will prefer to hide than seek for help on time because of fear of stigma and discrimination

The activism where people will be deleted and blocked on social media for having a different opinion

Activism where activist and their supporters will be the prosecutors, defense lawyers and judges

Activism who only make noise on social media but do not do the real work

Activist who will choose who to engage and who not to.

Activist who claims to support a certain gender just to abuse and manipulate them

Activist who will not have a profession but take activism to be a paying job

Activism where people’s cultures and religion are not respected

Activism where interventions are not based on local context

Activism where a particular gender is blamed for patriarchy when it is our parents and society who made them such

I know nowadays it is very difficult for people to do something just because of passion but if you know it is all about yourself and not those you claim to represent kindly refrain from the damages you are involved in. our leadership has failed us, our communities have failed us and now all is left is for the vulnerable to protect themselves. And even with that one cannot even advise someone about how to protect themselves because it can be used against the vulnerable groups. Now is the time for the vulnerable groups to come together and see how best they can protect themselves using strategies that will work.

And for those activists not doing the work the right way kindly refrain from engaging in activities that will increase the work of the few mental health experts and that of the healthcare providers. Your actions are causing more harm than good and do not increase our workload for us. 

By Dr. Mariam Jaw MBowe


  • M.L. Janneh says:

    I love this piece. It diagnoses, with a straight face, a popular form of activism we have in the Gambia.

    Thanks for this timely article.

    • Ebrima Sillah says:

      Your desire to help the mental ill individuals has been manifested in your article. Connecting the adverse of activism to cyber bullying is splendid.
      Thank you Doc.!

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