Press Release from the executive of Gambians in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)

It has come to our knowledge that a student in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) reported her ‘conditions’ to Star FM Gambia but in a very misleading manner. Her report, which seems to classify all the other students under her nerve-wracking situation, has been condemned by the executives of the Gambian Students’ Association (GSA) in TRNC for it looks false and libelous.


In this regard, we deemed it necessary to implore everyone to refrain from such actions. We are aware that the situation is hard, and we all want to immediately emerge from it, but let us refrain from actions that will tarnish the image of others. We are not saying that you should not report your matter to media outlets but, when doing it, do it individually, do not generalize it. Talk about only your case.


Our beautiful image takes precedence! Please, let us distance ourselves from anything that will affect us. Hopefully, the situation will soon be ameliorated. Let us patiently stay calm and know that everything will be fine. “Kara gün kararıp kalmaz!”


We are doing great:


Despite the disheartening status-quo and what it has engendered, we stand firmly together with unmitigated temerity and optimism that the situation will assuage. Notwithstanding our arguments over some matters on COVID-19 in the group, we strengthen the bonds of comradeship by teaching, advising and motivating each other to stay safe and healthy. These indeed show how matured and caring we are. Congratulation to everyone for showing great personalities!


Let us keep acknowledging our image!
Thank you and stay blessed.
Ramadan Mubarak!


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