In this precarious land you were born;
Enlightened to prioritize what your own.
But how could your wish to live abroad?
Have your now forgotten your land?


Be not among the horde who hoard our land’s endowments,
For such acts only deteriorate the ill-lit status of our land.
Nay, plunge it into dismay, endowed with disillusionment;
Oh! Don’t your think it’s heinous to turn your back on our land?


Our land is fecund, fertile, so ready to be cultivated;
Cultivate it, surely its yields will greatly be elevated.
Cultivate it to ameliorate the conditions of the citizens;
For abroad is greener, grateful to its patriotic citizens!


The image of our country is you;
If you live it forlorn, it’ll hugely lost it’s hue.
Hideous it’ll be, recognized it won’t be;
Oh! How do you want your country to be?


You’re needed abroad for you’ve potentials,
Whose exploitation will cause boom, so substantial;
Act shrewd and pragmatic, and take experiences as foresight;
For if your don’t, you’ll sink in the tears of regret, ugly hindsight.


Patriotism is the savior of dignity;
Realism is knowing the sheer reality.
Allow not your brain to be selfishly drained;
Or else you’ll wander in an alien land, so drained.


Ugh… brain drain!
Please sophisticate your brain,
Broaden your horizon, don’t drain;
To be drained, is to remorsefully lose your gain.


Brain drain.
Oh Brain drain..
Ooh Brain drain…
Ugh Brain drain…!

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