AGAST’s 2020-2021 Financial Report Shows Over 100% Increment in Membership Contributions

Istanbul, 28th February, 2021:- The 2020-2021 financial report of the Association of Gambian Students in Turkey (AGAST) has seen over hundred percent increment in the termly contribution of its members.


According to the AGAST treasurer Mariama Manneh, the record high increase in membership contributions was due to the COVID-19 financial support from the government of The Gambia.


The executive body that began with an opening balance of ₺9,039.4 have managed to collect over ₺10,000 in membership contributions. The overall expenses incurred during the year under review was ₺899.13, resulting to a closing balance of ₺17,603.27.


The 2020-2021 academic year has also seen a high record loan request of a staggering ₺30,500 and almost ₺29,758 of the loaned amount have so far been paid. The loan according to the treasury wasn’t given at the same time.


The assistant treasurer of AGAST, Lamin Y. Saidykhan urged the members to pay their termly contributions on time, saying one would not get access to the loan scheme without paying the contributions.


“We will have to see your commitment before we can give you loan,” he said.


AGAST on Sunday held its 2021 annual gathering. The convergence was held virtually this year due to COVID-19 pandemic.


The program marked every year is an opportunity for the members of the organization to meet, share ideas and experiences and reflect on the activities the student body embarked on the previous year.


AGAST is committed to portraying itself as an emblem of hope, unity, and brotherhood and bringing about serious commitment and actions towards promoting the general interest and welfare of all Gambian students across Turkey.

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