AGAST: Beware of Deceitful Agents

Istanbul, February 28, 2021- The Association of Gambian Students in Turkey (AGAST) wishes to draw the attention of the Gambian public to the presence of persons who disguise themselves as good Samaritans by claiming to be providers of opportunities/incentives such as scholarships that would enable them to pursue higher education in Turkey.


Most of these ‘agents’ would go about assuring Gambians that they can get them Turkish visas and university admission certificates for D100,000 (hundred GMD). They would further seduce them by telling them that this amount covers their lodging and part of their university fees, which would turn out to be blatant lies these students face.


The President of AGAST Muhammed Trawally says: “By confidently saying these enticing words, many students fall into their traps. What they tell these students and what actually is in Turkey are poles apart. There are many gaslighted victims in Turkey due to these insensitive agents. They apply to some of the poorest and lowest-scoring universities on the outskirts of Ankara and Istanbul; and when these students come here, they get disenchanted. As a result, some of them work for 10 hours a day to eke a living without a work permit. Clearly, a foreigner without a work permit is very susceptible to exploitation by their employers. Frankly, it is not easy to get a job in Turkey to pay for house and utility bills, let alone tuition fees.”


Recently, a Turk and a Nigerian were in The Gambia claiming that they offer 90% of scholarships for prospective students to go and study in Turkey. Please, beware of these kinds of people. While much cannot be written about them, we found that they are charging Gambians $700 for the entrance examination (YOS) intended for foreign students who wish to study at Turkish universities, whereas this exam fee is just pegged at $50 in Turkey. The sole intention of these people is to exploit our people and consequently leave them to wander alone in the land of disillusionment.


“As an association, we consider it our responsibility to facilitate the study of Gambian students in Turkey. We are equally concerned about every Gambian student in Turkey. As such, we cannot sit idly by and watch our brothers and sisters in disheartening situations. It is in the same spirit that, we deem it necessary to inform Gambians that announcements/advertisements made on some social media platforms on the subject of ‘Scholarship to study in Turkey’ are mostly dishonest and fraudulent, and therefore people must be mindful of them,” Muhammed Trawally further indicates.


AGAST, a 250-member association, once again stresses that most of these agents are deceitful and do not care about the consequences you encounter when they deceive you. Beware, be safe!




  • Yankuba Taal says:

    Real talk,and thanks for letting us to be aware of these peoples and we should be very careful about them,they doint have good heart for the Gambians and most of the gambian peoples are working with these peoples by seeing their brother and their sisters in bad situations.

  • Ndey fatou jahateh says:

    Thank you for coming up with this I was interested in the scholarship but I couldn’t get it because the amount for the yok exams was too height and the time was not favorable I did not that these people are dishonest

  • Alimatou sowe says:

    Thank you for letting us know About this !!!
    I was really interested and went to there main office for more details .
    I was somehow suspicious about this because of the way the guy talked to me and mentioning those huge about of moneys and saying just 100,055thousand !
    And what make me more suspicious about this was the guy was willing to talk any amount of money just to for to do the yos exams and he said we can pay the rest after having The exams and got a admission in Turkey
    I nearly got my mom in a problem because she wanted to take loan of 10,000 just for me to do the exams , but thanks to my uncle who advised me
    Not join this

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